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How to use your ShowerClear

How to use your ShowerClear -

Our state-of-the-art shower systems are designed to provide you with a luxurious, hygienic, and refreshing shower experience. Whether you're upgrading your home bathroom, a hotel, a health care facility, or a health club, ShowerClear ensures high performance and easy maintenance.

ShowerClear's innovative design means that you can enjoy a hygienic and clean shower experience. Say goodbye to nasty bacteria and mold and enhance your health in the process.

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to use and maintain your ShowerClear shower head.

Step 1: Installation

1. Unbox your ShowerClear:

  • Carefully remove the ShowerClear shower head from its packaging.

2. Remove the old shower head:

  • Turn off the water supply to the shower.
  • Use a wrench to unscrew the old shower head from the shower arm. Be sure to hold the shower arm steady to avoid damaging the plumbing.

3. Clean the shower arm:

  • Wipe the shower arm threads with a cloth to remove any old plumber’s tape or debris.

4. Attach ShowerClear:

  • Wrap the threads of the shower arm with plumber’s tape to ensure a secure, leak-free connection.
  • Ensure that the latch is positioned at 12:00.
  • Screw the ShowerClear shower head onto the shower arm by hand. Tighten it with a wrench, but be careful not to overtighten.

Step 2: Using your ShowerClear

1. Turn on the water:

  • Turn on the shower to check for leaks. If you notice any, gently tighten the shower head a bit more.

2. Adjust water temperature:

  • Adjust the water temperature using your shower’s controls to your preferred setting.

3. Enjoy the ShowerClear experience:

  • Step into the shower and enjoy the powerful and consistent water flow from your ShowerClear shower head. Designed to provide an invigorating and refreshing experience, it ensures optimal water distribution for maximum comfort.

4. Open after each use:

  • Ensure that you open your ShowerClear head after each use and leave to dry fully or until your next shower, to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

Step 3: Cleaning and maintenance

1. If used as directed, Showclear does not require anything more than a periodic wipe down.

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