Shower Clear in Men's HealthSorry, germaphobes, but it's true: emerging research indicates that not even your water nozzle is safe from bacteria! Read more (and why you can benefit from Shower Clear) here.



Watch the Today Show to see why Shower Clear is the best way to clean inside your shower head, and get rid of unwanted bacteria. 






W Magazine named Shower Clear one of the Best New Beauty Products of 2017! See why they love us here.


Featured in Goop's Beauty Detox Guide, this new detox essential is easy to install in your shower. Crafted of substantial, luxurious metals, the clean design works miraculously with any style bathroom, and makes an incredible-feeling spray, too—it’s a major upgrade to any shower—and a must for healthy living.

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A lead-free shower head with an easy-open latch so you can clean it (or simply let it air-dry), preventing the growth of bacteria and hold. And its spray pattern delivers a luxurious downpour of water. Take that, hotel showers! 

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Shower Clear was named one of the top 100 new home products by This Old House. Over time, showerheads can become loaded with bacteria and mold, but who bothers to clean them? This solid-brass head unlatches and swings open like a clamshell to let the interior dry out when not in use. Simple but effective. 

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You no doubt think that stepping into your shower will wash away dirt and germs, but a new study shows your showerhead might instead dump nasty bacteria on you that may cause lung infections. 

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We have been testing our Shower Clear for months, as our family suffers from mold, mildew and bacteria allergies. The results, no more stuffiness after a shower, we are all sleeping better and we are much healthier.  All from a shower head that improved our health and may improve yours too.

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Jessica Abo interviews Founder Steve Sunshine for Entrepreneur Magazine about distrupting the bathing and shower industry with his innovative new product, Shower Clear.

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Our forever shower head was featured on The Doctors TV show in a segment called Buzz or Bust. You can checkout the highlights on our YouTube channel.