With one simple patented design (US PATENT #10,562,044),
you can clean the inside of the shower head with ease or let it air-dry.

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Shower Clear was born out of NEED.

So how did a "Car Guy" end up in the plumbing industry and making shower heads? Show Clear inventor Steve Sunshine fixes things most people have no idea are broken! He identified void a in market and Shower Clear was born: 

  • Mr. Sunshine’s Mother suffered from respiratory illness, and during that time, Mr. Sunshine saw a news report about "shower sickness."
  • Mr. Sunshine thought that, perhaps, his Mother's bathroom, specifically the shower head, could at the root of her pulmonary disease symptoms.
  • Mr. Sunshine removed the shower head, only to find the inside of it covered in mold.
  • The only cleaning solution: To remove and/or unscrew actual shower head and flush it with bleach or vinegar.
  • Mr. Sunshine tried this method; however, he quickly realized it was extremely difficult and very time-consuming. 
  • Mr. Sunshine was unable to find a single “easy to clean” shower head in market; so, he invented one!